1. cows at the houston rodeo

    kodak tmax 400 and canon ae-1

  2. found the Central Park reservoir frozen over on my run this morning.

  3. working on that summer bod

  4. my sister came to visit so i made her get into a washer in the narnia laundromat of middletown

  5. lots of snow this week

  6. Saturday hike

  7. testing out a canon ae-1 i got on ebay before my photo class this semester

    cross-processed slide film, 35mm 

  8. abby

  9. julia

  10. December 27

  11. home for the holidays

  12. my fam in hats & contour lines

  13. plants n stuff

  14. foggy day in middletown

  15. new york and the fam

    october 2013