2. james turrell skyspace, rice university

  3. strawberries

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  6. "Now for instance, say you have a camera, you make good pictures, everybody likes them. But you have to get out of the class where you’re only photographing your friends and relatives indoors. That’s very nice, but if you want to do it professionally, and I don’t see any reason why you shouldn’t, go out and photograph strangers. I know you’re afraid to do it at first, I was scared stiff myself, but you have to do it. And most people like to be photographed. They consider it an honor to be picked out of a big crowd. In other words, you can’t be a Nice Nellie and do photography."
    — Weegee, Interview: Famous Photographers Tell How
  7. cows at the houston rodeo

    kodak tmax 400 and canon ae-1

  8. found the Central Park reservoir frozen over on my run this morning.

  9. working on that summer bod

  10. my sister came to visit so i made her get into a washer 

  11. Saturday hike

  12. testing out a canon ae-1 i got on ebay before my photo class this semester

    cross-processed slide film, 35mm 

  13. abby

  14. julia

  15. December 27